Best Sites to Buy Cheap Furniture

Target Furniture

Target is our top choice to buy cheap furniture.

First, it is a brand name everybody is familiar with. Since furniture is a large purchase, and to buy from a reputable is important.

Second, Target offers a great selection of furniture. For instance, when the review is written, they have over 180 dining tables, a number very few other stores can match.

Finally, the price of target furniture is amazing. You may find a great dresser or bookcase with comparable quality and style at a premium furniture store but with only 30% of the price tag!

Walmart Furniture

We think the largest retailer offers discount furniture with very competitive price.

The price of furniture at Walmart is so low that we find very difficult to find another store to be less expensive.

Another benefit is to shop at a brand name you are familiar with. However, it seems the selection is limited compared with those in other leading furniture stores.

Everything Furniture

The major online furniture has good reputation in customer service and fast delivery. The firm has an impressive client list, including many Fortune 500 firms.


Founded 1943, IKEA offers a wide selection of furniture and other home products. If you want to buy cheap furniture with good design and function, you may want to visit a local IKEa store, or the website.

The store is backed by a major private equity firm. We find its price is competitive, compared with other shops. The site has an "On Sale" section, where you may find cheap living room furniture, bedroom furniture, or other bargains.

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