Top 65 Best Parenting Websites

Disney's website is a very interactive and exciting site that the entire family can enjoy.

On their homepage, children can enjoy videos of their favorite Disney celebrities, play games, and explore behind the scene features of TV shows and movies. If you click on the "family" tab, you'll find a page specially geared for parents. This page offers lots of creative suggestions for family play time. can help you introduce a new arts and crafts project to your kids or plan a vacation that all of you can enjoy. If your child has a favorite Disney character (and who doesn't!?), offers some great ideas for birthday parties, dress-up, cooking or other forms of family fun. Their age-appropriate suggestions are very helpful for new and seasoned parents, alike! is an awesome website for both children and adults. Kids will love catching up on the shows that they missed, playing cool games and watching video clips of their favorite characters and celebrities. The site is a great way for parents to learn more about the shows that their children are enamored with. You can also feel safe letting your kids browse, because the entire site is very kid-friendly and interactive. When children leave the site (say, to purchase something from the shopping section), the site reminds them to get a parent for any outside transactions. These small preventative measures really help to keep your children safe, and ensure that they have a fun and wholesome experience on provides parents and parents-to-be with information on childbirth and care. If you've ever had any questions about your young one's health or development, can be an invaluable resource for you. Search for baby names, monitor your child's development, or browse the blogs of parents like you. With informative articles and message boards, you will find answers to almost all of your inquiries. We think that this is an excellent family site because it is a basin of support for anyone struggling with the responsibilities of parenthood. unites likeminded individuals in a friendly discussion of all that is related to child rearing. We recommend this site to all parents (with children of any age), especially those with questions or concerns relating to their child's growth, behavior and future. is an excellent site for rapidly growing minds. Plenty of parents have problems getting their kids to enjoy their homework or learn about new things. Do you have a bright child who hates the thought of watching "boring" and "educational" shows on public television, doing his math problems, or studying for spelling tests? Most kids do hate these things, because they feel like chores. is an excellent site because it encourages your child to have fun while he is learning, and he is rewarded by points, levels and competition. Kids love computer games, and is an excellent alternative to the mindless violence that permeates some videogames. Your child can play classic games like Math Car Racing or Grammar Gorillas, developing a love of puzzles and learning. is a site that you can feel good about sending your children to. If you are worried about all of the dangerous websites on the internet, you can abandon all of those fears when you visit PBS Kids. PBS kids has a plethora of games and interactive features that your children will simply love; giving them greater access to their favorite characters like Mr. Rogers and the whole crew of Sesame Street. We would like to recommend this site to all parents, especially those with young children, because it is safe, wholesome and educational. They also have several teaching tools and printable coloring pages that can supplement your child's academic pursuits. We are confident in our belief that your whole family will love

Nick Junior is a great place for parents and their preschoolers to learn and explore together. Their site features access to activities and games that are inspired by many of your child's favorite Nick Junior shows. There are lots of great parenting tips, particularly some great recommendations for fun recipes and craft activities. If your son is having trouble with potty-training, print out some Nick Jr. stickers and certificates to reward them for their progress. If your daughter can't get enough of Dora the Explorer, consider printing out the Dora Cupcake template and frosting her birthday cupcakes in her favorite character's likeness! The site has templates for other characters as well, and offers a ton of easy parenting aids. Nick Jr. also has an entire page specially dedicated to Parenting, in addition to pages on party planning, cooking, travel and shopping! You and your children will love

Kids Health is the #1 most visited site for children's health and development. With detailed articles from actual doctors, their advice and FAQ sections are hard to beat. If you find yourself worrying about your child's health, but aren't ready to drive to the doctor and fork up a hefty co-pay, Kids Health is an excellent medical resource right in your own home. There are also other pages on the site that are geared towards kids or teens, which are language and content appropriate for the ages of their users. can assuage any of your parenting concerns regarding your child's health, but they often remind you that a doctor knows best. Although the site may help to suggest possible diagnoses for your son or daughter's problems, remember that it does not provide an official diagnosis! Only a doctor can provide you with that.

Although you might not expect it, Babies R Us offers some very valuable parenting tips and advice. You can spend your time on the site searching for the latest and most fashionable baby gear, or you can steer your attention towards the advice page, where you will find a plethora of helpful articles and snippets. One of the reasons why we think that is extra special is because its preliminary function is as a retail site. Unlike other sites that only concern themselves with parenting techniques, Babies R Us concerns itself with products. What brand of carseat should you buy? What should you put in your new nursery? What items should you put on your shower registry? All of these questions can be answered on's parenting page, along with some very helpful buying guides. You should utilize this powerful resource to find out about quality products for you and your new child. has an excellent parenting guide that will benefit expecting, new and seasoned parents everywhere. They have fantastic recommendations for arts and crafts activities, as well as suggested books and plans for family life. They have tips about behavior and development, as well as articles addressing your child's health and safety.'s parenting guide provides ample advice about keeping your child healthy and happy. Scholastic publishes many classic children's books, and is also the home of Parent & Child Magazine, which is a notable and credible parenting magazine. Whether you've got questions about your child's health and future, or just want to browse around a little bit, is definitely worth a visit. Take a look!

The Children's Place is a children's clothing store that can be found in malls all over America. Their website,, is a valuable resource for busy moms and dads all over the world. If you want to purchase new clothes for your kids, chances are you're dreading dragging them through department stores, fitting rooms and shopping malls. If you purchase their clothes from, you don't have to worry about the stress or hassle of packing all of the kids into a car! Parents should know about and utilize because the site offers some tremendous deals on children's clothes. Despite these phenomenal deals, The Children's Place does not sacrifice quality. The Children's Place has clothes for children of all ages, from newborns to kids that are size 14. So save yourself some time and shop online at was originally founded in 2000 by a high school's Technology Support Specialist. She originally created the games on the site for the students in her class, but realized that other students had taken interest in the games, too. Since then, has expanded into one of the web's most trusted sites for fun and educational gaming. With games in math, English, social studies and science, can fit into any student's curriculum at any school in the United States. The site has received numerous awards for its design and content, and we think that you and your family should check it out. is a useful site for parents everywhere, as it encourages your children to have fun while they learn. You can sit back and relax while your kids actually enjoy learning their multiplication tables. is an excellent website for parents with children at any stage of development. It can be difficult to find quality clothes for you and your youngster, which is why Gap is such a valuable resource. Gap can play a big role in your child's life from the first day that you find out you are pregnant. Ditch the baggy shirts and spandex pants that have plagued pregnant women for years in favor of some sweet Gap Maternity clothes. Once your child is born, find delicate sets for any season with Gap Baby. As they grow and mature, you can shop at Gap Kids. One day, they'll be shopping in Gap Women or Men just like you. If you are looking for an online store where you can find simple, well made clothes, look no further than

We have chosen to include on our list of parenting websites because we believe that the site can play an integral role in your child's development. Like many other educational games, Lego blocks encourage children to build and create, thus expanding their math skills and spatial relations. Their website,, has a good number of interactive features and games for your child to enjoy. The site has an entire section for parents to explore, which details upcoming Lego events and provide suggestions for playtime. If your kid is a Lego Head, the parenting page on should be saved in your bookmarks! Along with detailing developmental milestones in your child's life, suggests specific toys and Lego sets that will help foster their growth! describes itself as the place "where children have fun learning to read", and the site certainly lives up to that claim. Although your child may not notice that they are learning (they may think, for example, that they are designing a picture of their pet), they are presented with images and words that they're encouraged to read aloud. You can spend time with your child as he or she navigates through the programs, or leave them to play while you finish some household chores. This site is primarily designed for first graders, but also recommended for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Starfall is a valuable parenting tool that will save you time and energy. Your child will love to read as they play the interactive games on

As one of the world's most notable toy companies, Hasbro has been entertaining children for years. Their toys and board games have captivated children for decades. Now their website,, has also evolved into a form of child entertainment. With games and online extras, Hasbro has taken your children's favorite toys (like My Little Pony or GI Joe) and turned them into interactive games. Parenting is always easier if your children are happily absorbed in something (a book, toy, show, etc.), and Hasbro understands this. Although their website may not offer the most educational games, some children crave an extension of their favorite things. And, like all of their toys and products, the website is very safe and wholesome – meaning that you can trust your children to have a safe and fun experience with Hasbro. is a website where mothers and expectant mothers can socially network. Cafe Mom is a great place for mothers to come together and connect with one another, sharing their experiences with parenthood. We are including this site in our list of parenting websites because it is an exceptional forum for mothers from all walks of life. Once you have become a member you can join groups to meet likeminded individuals, or post topics on discussion boards. Moms use this site to make new friends and share good news, as well as discuss challenges that their family may be facing. Sometimes it's nice to have a relatively anonymous ear to chew or shoulder to cry on, which you can certainly find at is a very successful family-oriented website. While our list has offered you a myriad of specialty sites, ranging from educational games or toys to advice columns and message boards, combines every aspect of a successful family site. Their page includes suggestions for arts and crafts activities, advice columns, gift ideas and more. Their articles will keep you up to date, ensuring that you are a parent who is in the know. Become a fan of, and you will receive all of the hottest recipes and travel ideas: the site makes being a parent a thousand times easier. We'd like to recommend this site to moms and dads with kids of all ages. doesn't discriminate: there's advice for parents of newborns, kids, teens or tweens. Whatever stage of parenthood you're in, can lend you a hand. is a fantastic site for parental social networking. Founded by the company behind Nickelodeon, Parents Connect is a forum for adult interaction. If you have questions about your relationship with your child (of any age) or about your pregnancy (at any stage), There are separate categories for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kids, preteens and teenagers. With lots of advice columns and message boards to browse, you'll never be bored on Parents Connect. is a great place to discuss your thoughts. Their slogan is "we're not perfect, we're parents". It's a great motto to live by, and something that you should always keep in mind while parenting. Find more tips and suggestions on

Fisher Price has always been a trusted name in the children's toy industry. Their durable and engaging toys have been a staple of many of our childhoods. Now their website,, has a lot more to offer than products. Under the Parenting section, you will find some excellent advice columns and an "Age-by-Age Parenting Guide" to help you assess your child's growth and development in relation to his or her peers. One of our favorite aspects of the parenting guide is that it suggests toys for the specific age range at hand, making your job even easier by cutting out the guesswork. We think that is a trusted and prestigious resource for you and your entire family.

Wow. has an article or message board about pretty much everything related to the entire concept of parenting. Whether you're trying to conceive or have a 20 year old grown child, can offer some excellent advice and information. One great feature on is the baby name finder. Although there are other sites that offer baby name finder's, we like the one on because it is embedded within a website that acknowledges every aspect of parenting, not just the exciting and "cute" realm of babies. With children, you're in for the long haul. If you're looking for a website that you can familiarize yourself and stick with as your children grow up, is an excellent choice. Start browsing their site and make your parenting job a little bit easier!

iVillage is an online community that cultivates discussions between strangers. The site encompasses a broad range of subjects, but their Parenting section is hard to beat. Whether you are a new, old or expecting parent, is a good community for you. Users are invited to post their own experiences or questions, which are then posted for other users to comment on or offer advice. For example, if you're worried about your teenager's college choices, there's an entire discussion board devoted to parents' worries and anxieties. Even if you're just confused about your baby's teething, iVillage has a board dedicated to that. This is a great site for Q and A and friendly discussion between parents, so bring your queries to has EVERYTHING that you need to know about... well, parenting! They have articles from medical professionals as well as experienced parents, guiding you through every step of your journey. Starting off with fertility and pregnancy, all the way through your child's teen years, helps you monitor your child's developmental progress. Financial matters, children's health, suggested activities and more can be found on The advice that's offered on is hard to beat, and the site is really fun to navigate because of its playful quizzes and guides. They have lots of exciting give-aways and sweepstakes (all parent-themed, of course). And also offers healthy and delicious recipes for the entire family! This is a great website for new and seasoned parents, alike!

Many parents have familiarized themselves with Leapfrog's interactive and technologically advanced children's toys, but they remain unaware of the community that exists around the brand and the products. On, you may be surprised to find a dedicated community of passionate parents who are committed to an educational lifestyle. Many of the members of this online community have younger children, who are still actively using the leapfrog products. You can communicate with other parents in the message boards, or simply browse through some of the articles or blogs that have been posted by administrators. This site is good for anyone with young children, especially if you'd like to stay up to date on the latest children's educational toys. With tips on travel, cooking, activities and more, can positively impact your parenting style!

Are you excited about the new or future member of your family? is THE site for new and expectant mothers and fathers to discuss their special moments with their little ones. Whether you're surprised or ecstatic, concerned or upset, has plenty of information that you can relate to. One of our favorite aspects of the site is their affinity for contests and giveaways. Sometimes there are $500 giveaways towards your child's nursery, and your child can be entered into a monthly photo contest (to prove he or she is the cutest baby around, of course!). Baby names, pregnancy advice, due date and ovulation calculators are all available on The site is very fun to browse, and you will definitely enjoy the whimsical elements and quizzes in addition to the valuable information that can be gleaned from

If your kids are wild about animals and the planet that we live on, you should familiarize them with The site is like a miniature version of the National Geographic that adults have come to love, but it's translated into children's terms and made easier for them to navigate. With videos, activities, games and stories, the Kids section of National Geographic's website will keep your young ones occupied for hours. And the best part about the peace and quiet associated with their Nat Geo playtime is that your children will actually be learning something. We've chosen to list this as a parenting website because it will make parenting much easier for you. Imagine preparing the family dinner without distractions, while your children learn valuable information about topics that interest them. Sounds too good to be true? Not on! is everything that its title claims and more. This is one of the web's most comprehensive databases of names and their meanings. If you are on the fence about your future child's name, you need to visit soon and make a decision! This site is great for expectant parents, because it also includes message boards for you to discuss and compare your choices. The final few months of pregnancy can be tough, when you're sitting around at home all day without much else to do. On, you can make an educated decision about your child's name, while communicating with other parents who are in a similar stage of development as you! We love because it specializes in your child's identity. encourages its users to "record every precious moment of your pregnancy". Pregnancy can be a very new and exciting part of your life, especially when you are having your first child. For those of us who don't have a confidant, or who dwell a bit too heavily on the subtle changes and differences that come with pregnancy, there is The site is good for detail oriented people who like to keep track of their bodies and their progress throughout pregnancy. If you are looking for a website that will help you monitor your own and your child's development, is a good resource for the early stages.

Don't know what to expect? That's why they made There are plenty of future parents just like you who have never even thought about the term "parenting", let alone playing, feeding, traveling or the real scary one: growing. Raising children is tough work, and provides you with detailed descriptions of your journey through pregnancy and into early childhood. One nice feature on the site is their baby shop, which allows you to purchase all of your baby goods (either for you or as a gift!). The beginnings of life are always the most beautiful, but simultaneously the most challenging. That's why the advice on ranges from preconception to toddler care. If you are expecting but don't know WHAT to expect, you'd better visit this site.

Although may seem like an unlikely site to be included in our list, we think that it is a valuable resource for parents of teenagers. While it may seem like your child has turned into an adult, many teenagers are still very impressionable and, as you know, trendy. If your child seems to have become immersed in pop culture, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the trends and fashions that are important to them. We suggest that you understand these trends (not follow them), so that you can open up an easier flow of communication with your teen. Nobody wants to be the parent that's "so, like, out of it". So start browsing and find out about the latest fashions, hairstyles, and trends that your teen is following! is a site that offers preschool activities and crafts. If you find yourself stumped on a rainy day, you should consider visiting First School. The site is also good for preschool teachers and administrators, because many of the crafts are inexpensive and can engage a large group of children. We like First School because it provides its users with a simple list of materials, as well as very creative crafting ideas. Whether you'd like to throw an arts and craft style birthday party, or simply keep your kids busy on a Saturday afternoon, is a site filled with suggestions for fun. We only have one complaint about First School: they've got quite a few pop-up ads. Just make sure you've got your blocker on when you visit, and you'll love their craft ideas. is the website for Mothering Magazine. This site has everything that you need to know in order to be a good mother. Their articles span the many realms of parenthood, from your children to your marriage. Discussing issues of childbirth as well as college applications, this site is a great guide for mothers everywhere. We appreciate's honest and realistic tones, as well as their discussions about the difficult challenges that lurk in parenthood. Their frank explorations of divorce, illness and change illustrate their commitment to honesty and betterment in a household. If you are looking for a non-judgmental website that can accompany you every step of the way, you need to visit Subscribe to their digital magazine, if you really love it!

Not unlike, is also a website with a comprehensive database of baby names and their meanings. Many people prefer this site to because of their own personal preferences for layout and style. The content between these two sites is very similar, yet also includes a random baby name generator (in case you're not sure of what letter you want it to start with, or what you want the name to mean). Choosing your child's name can be a difficult (and mostly permanent) decision that will impact their life in very serious ways. Although it may seem silly to find their name on a website, is a good place to find names and start thinking about them. is a good site for any new or expectant parents. The site has a lot of helpful guides for parents of young families. We would like to recommend to anyone with children who are preschool aged and below, as much of the advice is related to the challenges of infancy and toddler care. Pampers is a trusted and reliable name in child care, and if you trust them to make quality diapers and products for your baby, it is likely that you will trust their health articles and advice columns. Another helpful feature on is that you can shop for Pampers products online. We all know that parenting a little one can be stressful and busy, so cut down on your errand shopping and have your diapers delivered straight to your house! Pampers helps to save you time and energry, while offering valuable advice that will make your house a happy home! is an awesome website. When you go to your yahoo homepage, you're probably used to checking the news and maybe your horoscope. Right? Well at, your kids can have a child-safe and wholesome homepage, too. While they will use the site to check out the latest movies and games, parents can utilize the "Parents" tab in the upper right hand corner. This parenting guide provides movie reviews, entertainment news and online safety that will impact your kids. Their movie reviews are excellent; providing parents with a plot synopsis of the film, as well as an additional "what you need to know" section, which details the age appropriateness and content. If you want a site that can keep you up to date on what your children are watching and doing, is a good place to start. Become a "connected parent" today!

If you are redecorating a house or planning your child's nursery or bedroom, you'd better have a look at Sometimes it can be hard to find stylish and quality items for a child's room --- a lot of children's furniture looks tacky or cheap. But with Pottery Barn, many people have come to expect a standard for excellence and quality. These high standards are present in all of their children's furniture, which you will enjoy browsing on this site. Solid wood dressers, luxurious bedding and colors that will subtly play off of the schemes of your house: what more could you ask for? In addition to furniture, the Kid's section of Pottery barn has some beautiful and unique gifts!! Don't sacrifice design and quality for "children's furniture", shop at Pottery Barn Kid's!

This site has everything that you need to know about a pregnancy. They have different categories addressing different facets of your journey: including getting pregnant, being pregnant, and labor and birth. Unlike many other pregnancy sites, Pregnancy Info also addresses some of the more depressing sides of your journey: such as postpartum disorders, pregnancy problems, and pregnancy loss. If you are looking for a site that doesn't gloss over the tough stuff, you should have a look at This site is an honest and straightforward resource for anyone with questions about their pregnancy. Read the articles from medical professionals, or browse the forums that are filled with expectant mothers like you. We think that is a valuable resource for any pregnant woman.

Baby-Gaga is a pregnancy and parenting network. Their members hail from every corner of the globe, and this worldwide network of people have a lot to share about their journeys through parenthood. Whether you're an expectant parent or an old time pro, there is something to be learned from With other parents all over the world, there are many opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals in your area or abroad! We would especially like to recommend this site to new and expectant parents who have recently moved or are planning to relocate: sine Baby Gaga‘s locater can help you find families to connect with in your new neighborhood. If you're simply gaga over the new baby, you need to start browsing this website.

If you're a mommy, you're in luck! is a site that is specially designed for you. Their articles come from medical professionals and experienced advice columnists, and can really shed a helpful light on your parenting situation. This site covers everything from pregnancy to parenthood, your marriage and your friendships. discusses different parenting strategies, as well as celebrity baby news and exercise tips. Everything that you need to be the best mommy that you can possibly be, can be found within the confines of We are sure that you'll enjoy the forums and articles on this website, and hope that it improves your quality of life and role as a parent! encourages its users to "record every precious moment of your pregnancy". Pregnancy can be a very new and exciting part of your life, especially when you are having your first child. For those of us who don't have a confidant, or who dwell a bit too heavily on the subtle changes and differences that come with pregnancy, there is The site is good for detail oriented people who like to keep track of their bodies and their progress throughout pregnancy. If you are looking for a website that will help you monitor your own and your child's development, is a good resource for the early stages.

Don't know what to expect? That's why they made There are plenty of future parents just like you who have never even thought about the term "parenting", let alone playing, feeding, traveling or the real scary one: growing. Raising children is tough work, and provides you with detailed descriptions of your journey through pregnancy and into early childhood. One nice feature on the site is their baby shop, which allows you to purchase all of your baby goods (either for you or as a gift!). The beginnings of life are always the most beautiful, but simultaneously the most challenging. That's why the advice on ranges from preconception to toddler care. If you are expecting but don't know WHAT to expect, you'd better visit this site. is an excellent website for parents and caretakers of young children. The site is designed to provide pediatric information for the adults who are responsible for a child’s health and safety. On this website, you will fine numerous tips and articles about children’s illnesses and problems, helping to educate parents on their children’s health. The site is not intended to replace a doctor’s diagnosis, but instead to heighten awareness about children’s illnesses and diseases. If you are worried about your youngster’s cough, or their fever seems to be lasting longer than usual, a quick trip to may assuage your fears or point you in the right doctor’s direction. is a trusted online resource for parents of any stage. Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, you’ll be able to find helpful advice and more on On this website, users are encouraged to create a membership in order to access the site’s best features. No worries, though: the membership is free, and grants you access to some terrific articles and advice columns that you won’t find anywhere else. In a format that is similar to “Dear Abby”, users write in to the Parenting Weekly specialists with their concerns and problems. Many people find these columns to be extremely helpful and insightful, and we think that you will, too! For any parenting advice or encouragement, visit! is an extraordinary website for anyone who is a new or expectant parent. Moms and dads will rejoice when they stumble upon this site, which brilliantly unites parenting news with social networking and helpful advice columns. While users are encouraged to create a membership, many features of the site can be enjoyed by everyone. With plenty of interactive tools and resources, makes new parenthood just that much easier. You’ll love their special offers and frequent giveaways (who wouldn‘t love a free magazine subscription or 15% off from the baby store??), as well as the valuable information that they provide. We think that some parents would benefit from making Babies Online their homepage! So start browsing their site today.!

One Step Ahead provides parents with what they call “quality, innovative baby products”. The site is geared towards parents who are looking for excellent and unique items for their children. They carry a number of products that will change the way your baby eats, bathes and sleeps. The items that they sell are all very safe and made from quality materials that you know will keep your child healthy and happy. One Step Ahead sells some very nice baby clothes and toys in addition to their eat-ware, nursery goods and gear. The parents who are already shopping on One Step Ahead are already a step ahead of you! So start browsing their awesome inventory today, and find out why they have become one of the most popular and trusted names in the baby product industry! started out as a website where you could buy, well you guessed it: diapers. But since its inception, has expanded to become one of the largest and most successful baby supply websites out there. As a parent of a young child, it can be difficult to find the time or the energy to go down to the store and pick up even the bare basics for baby. eliminates the stress and hassle of your baby shopping errands, by delivering nearly every brand of formula, baby food, bath product, feeding or nursing gear and, of course, diaper! They even have a great selection of maternity clothes and products for mom (like quality diaper bags or helpful books). Basically every single baby related product can be found on, so take advantage of their inventory and skip the stress of the store.

We know what you’re thinking; and we can assure you that is supposed to be on this list. No, it’s not some sort of Sci-Fi tribute to your favorite Star Trek character, but it’s actually a very in depth parenting website that is dedicating to providing health advice for your children. The format of is one of Question and Answer: users write in to the site’s staff and ask questions about their children and oftentimes, themselves. The site has many categories with questions regarding children’s mental health as well as questions about physical health. They also offer weekly “top picks” from previous advice pages, which can shed some light on issues that you’ve never even thought about. All in all, can help your family “live long and prosper”. is yet another site that si dedicated to providing its use4s with a comprehensive list of baby names and their meanings. If you are struggling to find the perfect name for your soon to be newborn, you should have a look at Our favorite aspect of is the articles which detail different types of baby naming trends. If you are curious about foreign names, current names, old names or basically any type of name - you will be able to research it on Another neat feature is the rating system, which allows users to rate the articles based on their relevance and useful content. We think that is an excellent and interactive site for any new parent who is still on the fence about their child’s name. Start searching for your new family member’s name on

For those of us who have long struggled to get pregnant, it can be a frustrating and disappointing journey towards parenthood. Fortunately, sites like have made it easier to cope with and remedy this setback. Fertility Friend provides women with a method of charting their cycle online, helping to monitor ovulation and predict when you will be most fertile. While many doctors recommend that couples keep charts when they are trying to conceive, it can be difficult to remember to write down your symptoms and cycle on paper. By keeping track of this online, users are able to continue living their lives instead of obsessing over their ovulation. If you are struggling to conceive. start using Fertility Friend and you will be glad that you did. It’s free to join and easy to sign up. is an exciting and interactive videogame website for children ages 3 to 10. Parents will love this site because it is engaging and can provide your children with hours of safe, educational fun. The virtual world is absolutely free to access, and users are encouraged to create their own characters (Jumpees) and explore the 3D world of Jumpstart. This website is a great alternative to videogame consoles or systems that many parents consider to be a pricey and distracting plaything. If your child is into videogames and virtual worlds, Jumpstart is a safe, fun, learning-based web game that will keep your kid occupied for hours. There are plenty of different places for your young one to explore within the Jumpstart world, so start playing today! is actually a link to the teen page of Planned Parenthood’s website. Established over 90 years ago, Planned Parenthood is a trusted establishment that advocates women’s health and safety, specifically addressing the prevention of unintended pregnancies. The Teenwire page is set aside for what Planned Parenthood calls Teen Talk, and it can be useful to both teenagers and their parents. One feature from the Teen Talk page is the Tools for Parents section, which provides parents with advice on many difficult, sexual topics that may come up with their teenagers. It’s always hard to talk to your children about sex, but provides parents with solid advice and information. If you want to improve your communication with your child, specifically regarding their relationships and sexual decisions, you should visit for suggestions. has everything that you need to know about getting pregnant, being pregnant, and having your baby. If you’re looking for advice, news, articles or support - you should consider browsing They have a wonderful online community that is filled with moms and moms-to-be who are all there to provide encouragement for one another. It’s absolutely free to make an account on, although you don’t need to have an account to enjoy many of the features on the site. With articles from the sites Experts, you’ll be the most knowledgeable mom in town. If you are looking for a site that can provide you with up to date information and a warm, helpful community, consider joining

We really love and we think that you will, too. If you’re a parent, caretaker or teacher of a preschool aged child (or children!), Preschool Education’s site will be an invaluable resource for you. We all know how difficult it can be to direct your kid’s attention towards something that’s both productive AND fun, but on, you will find tons of creative craft ideas, as well as educational tips for teaching certain subjects. Does it seem like Johnny can never get his ABC’s straight? Use Preschool Education’s “Alphabet Ideas”, for catchy songs and book reviews that will get your child interested in learning. Preschool Education encourages its users to “discover the fun of learning”, and we are sure that you will! Remember, this site gives suggestions for parents: it’s not designed for kids to browse!

Everything Preschool is a great website for any parent of a preschool aged child. Who ever said that learning at home had to stop when your kids started school? Everything Preschool has tons of exciting activities and games that your child will love. Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly coloring pages, arts and crafts activities, or scientific experiments that will really get your child thinking - you will be able to find them on Everything Preschool. Although many of the people who use the site are actually preschool teachers rounding out their core curriculums, parents can definitely benefit from its many features. Although the site isn’t designed for children to browse, parents will enjoy presenting their kids with the information that they’ve found on

Are you a Discovery channel addict? Many of us are, and it’s a great television station to tune into with the entire family. Discovery Kids is also a very engaging and interesting channel that children enjoy watching, and their website,, is also an interactive and exciting site. If your kids are into wildlife, science and the world around them, you should direct them towards The site is very well designed and easy for even the youngest children to navigate. Make sure that you have the sound on when you get to the page, because there are lots of cool sound effects that change when you move your mouse around! is a valuable parenting tool because it will afford you a little bit of peace and quiet, while you can be sure that your kids are exploring a safe and educational website.

We’ve included Teen Vogue in our list of parenting sites for a couple of reasons. Although the site won’t offer you any tips or advice on raising your children, we think that you will be able to make your own inferences. Teen Vogue is a valuable resource for any parents who are curious about their children’s fashion trends and behavior. If you don’t understand your daughter’s quirky new headbands or silly shoes, you might want to check out what she’s ingesting from the media. Browse some of Teen Vogues articles and look through their pictures to get a feel for what’s “hip” nowadays. For the most part, Teen Vogue communicates a positive impact on young girls - encouraging them to make safe decisions and feel good about their bodies. can be a very helpful website for parents who want to understand their children’s interests. is a site that offers parenting advice from various experts and professionals. Their slogan, “we help families grow”, is indicative of their desire to p0rovide quality advice and help for any size or type of family. Whether you’ve still got one in diapers, or are heading them off to college, can offer some truly spectacular advice from professionals in the field. Although the majority of information on is geared towards new and expectant parents, everyone can find information that is valuable to them on this site. We think that you will love for its articles and ideas, because we know that we sure do!

If you’re trying to conceive or are already in the beginning stages of pregnancy, it can be scary to think about what your body will look like in a few short months. Many women dread gaining pregnancy weight, simply because there are not enough beautiful clothes for pregnant ladies! If you’re looking for high quality, stunning maternity wear, look no further than A Pea in the Pod. This website has all of the most flattering styles of maternity clothes, as well as designer brands. With A Pea in the Pod, there’s no more hiding your baby belly. You can continue to dress and look as beautiful as you always have while journeying into motherhood. Shop on today!

Are you pregnant? Well, then, it would seem like the obvious site for you to visit is This site has everything that you need to know about being pregnant. Here, you can read up on all of the things that you are yet to experience, check in to make sure you’re feeling normal, relate your experiences to others and get a feel for what it’s like to be a pregnant lady! This site is both a community and a forum, where you are able to discuss your experiences with other women. On, you will find Q&A’s, polls, an ovulation calendar, baby names and blogs from experienced moms and professionals. If you’re looking for a pregnancy community, then you should consider joining

The people over at believe that “having a baby changes everything”. We definitely agree with this statement, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of parenting websites for you. Not only will having a baby change your entire lifestyle, it will certainly impact the sites that you browse on a daily basis. If you want to track your baby’s development, we suggest using’s BabyCenter. The tracker can help you monitor your child’s growth and facilitate monitoring their health. isn’t only geared towards your new child; the site also has entire sections devoted to your body and your relationships. Do something good for you and your new family, and start browsing

Tired of those ugly maternity clothes that just look like saggy sacks of fabric? Start shopping on, and you’ll be able to wear maternity clothes that aren’t just comfortable, they’re FASHIONABLE. While you’re carrying a little one in your tummy, it may seem like fashion is the last thing on your mind. Luckily, makes it easy to find great maternity clothes and have them delivered to your door. Don’t waste time or energy slugging through the mall, trying desperately to find maternity clothes that fit. Shop on Destination Maternity, and not only will you save time, energy and money (they have reasonable prices!!), but you’ll also look absolutely beautiful.

Does it seem like you’ve run out of creative ideas for your children and their friends to do at playtime? It can be very hard for parents to maintain their home, go to work, shop for groceries, AND think up the coolest activity for every kid on the block. Luckily, Preschool rainbow offers some wonderful arts and crafts activities in their Home Activities section. The site was originally designed for early childhood education teachers to find ideas for their classes, but because of high demand, a page was specifically designed for parents like you! So if you’re ever in a pinch for a craft project, make sure to check out You’ll love their ideas!! started out as a website that answered questions about nursing and early childhood care. Since then, it has expanded into a community of new and expectant mothers who discuss their experiences and ideas. The site offers a number of articles from experts, as well as simple stories and anecdotes from other moms. There’s a great section of the site called “things to do while you’re breastfeeding”, which gives lots of great ideas about “things to do with one hand while the baby is in the other.” We like the format of, as well as the sense of humor that is apparent on many of the pages. Check out and see if it’s a community you’d like to be a part of!

Are you and your partner just a little superstitious? Do you check your horoscope every once in a while? For those of us who like to have a little bit of fun and believe in fortunes and the supernatural, there is claims to be able to predict the gender of your baby, by only needing yours and your partner’s birthdays, as well as the date of conception. Although this has not been scientifically proven to work, it is a fun and lighthearted way to enhance the excitement of your new delivery. Just don’t take this site too seriously, you wouldn’t want to buy a boy’s nursery to find out that it’s a girl!!! We think that is a fun site, and you should check it out if you’re interested.

An entire COUNTRY of baby names? No way! Well, comes close: they’ve got a very extensive database of names from all over the world. If you’re hoping to encourage your future child to be a global citizen, you may be considering names from other cultures. When looking for creative names from unfamiliar places, it’s easy to get stuck with strange translations or hidden meanings. Luckily, Baby Names Country provides you with a child’s name, its popularity, gender, origin, and a rating out of five stars! This site is great for any parents who are deliberating names but haven’t settled on one yet. is a great place to start looking!!

This website is designed for expectant mothers and fathers who are preparing to bring a new child into the world. In addition to the preconception, pregnancy and parenting articles, also offers advice for new parents. One of the greatest features on is the Expectant Father’s page. We’ve noticed that a lot of parenting websites direct their attention towards the mothers (and rightfully so, because the mothers are often the ones reading up on such things), but Welcome Baby Home pays extra attention to the dads. Their advice for fathers is very refreshing and helpful, and mothers may want to direct their partners towards this page. has something useful for both of you, so sit down together and have a look. is a pretty cool website for all of the expectant parents out there. This site has a lot of great features which will can help you plan for the newest member of your family. Complete with blogs, articles and advice, Fit Pregnancy covers all topics of your pregnancy from your relationship to your diet. They’ve got ovulation and pregnancy calculators to help you stay on track, as well as great advice for anyone who is a little bit confused. If you are looking for a community of expectant parents, you should consider adding to your list.

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